Chinese New Year in Valencia 2020

The Chinese New Year in Valencia is celebrated near the city centre on January 25, 2020. This year is 4718 according to the traditional Chinese calendar – The Year of the Metal Rat.

With more than 4,000 years of history, the Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar. The date varies every year, but always falls between January 21 and February 20.

This period coincides with the beginning of the agricultural cycle, saying goodbye to winter and welcoming a new season, therefore, it is also called the Spring Festival.

Chinese New Year in Valencia 2020, very close to the historic center, you can’t miss it

On January 25, from 10AM-9PM, the Town Hall Square will feature free activities related to Chinese traditions: musical performances, traditional Chinese dancing, Taichi and Kung Fu classes on stage, mask-painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese tea-tasting, tea-ceremony ceramic exhibition and Chinese cuisine.

The Traditional Parade for Chinese New Year in Valencia starts at 52 Pelayo Street, at 6PM. The parade, it’s a colourful, bombastic affair Taichi, Wushu and Martial Arts displays, performers in traditional costumes and the luck-bringing Dragon Dance and Lion Dance.

The parade finishes at Valencia’s City Hall Square at 8PM.

Did you know that very close to the historical center is the Valencian Chinatown?

It features neither temples, nor hanging lanterns nor colourful doors, however, the magic of Valencia’s Chinatown is its authentic oriental restaurants.

Just a minute’s walk from the North Station of Valencia, is Pelayo Street – the heart of Valencia’s Chinatown. Here you will find restaurants that specialize in Taiwanese food, Sichuan hot-pot or Cantonese street food.

There are travel agencies, Chinese supermarkets as well as well-priced beauty salons. If you love Chinese delicacies you must visit this amazing neighborhood.

If you are going to spend the Chinese New Year in Valencia, we recommend our favourite Chinese restaurants.

Note that it’s the busiest night of the year in Chinatown, so there will be many people and you will have to wait at least 30min to be seated.

1. El Frenazo

Some of the menu highlights: roast duck with sweet-and-spicy sauce, fried tofu with vegetables (vegetarian), and noodle soup with pork ribs and soya shoots. The dumplings are also excellent and are accompanied by Chinese vinegar. We always ask for soy sauce and chili oil too (two drops of the latter is plenty).

Carrer Pelai 23, Valencia.

2. Min Dou

Here prices are affordable, service is good, even if you don’t expect smalltalk from the waiters. It has an extensive menu of typical Cantonese dishes. Some of my favorite dishes are: hot casserole aubergines with Yu Xiang sauce, Peking Duck (order the boneless option), Cumin Spiced Lamb Kebabs, Boiled Beef with Bean Sprouts and Cucumber.

Carrer Pelai 31, Valencia.

3. Ramen Sur y Norte

The ideal place to try ramen noodles. The menu is not very extensive, but the flavour and quality of their soups are very good. The open kitchen allows you to observe the chefs preparing the noodles by hand. It’s a daily process which guarantees freshness. All the soups are served with cilantro/corriander and Chinese onion so if you are not a fan, be sure to mention it when ordering.

Address: Carrer Pelai 32, Valencia

4. Uncle Xiao

A unique experience. This restaurant is self-service and functions as follows: you can choose between skewers and/or soups. Then, you choose the ingredients from the fridge, weigh them in the box and indicate how you want them prepared, (spicy or not for the skewers; tomato-based or spicy for the soups). When ready, staff will bring everything to the table where you can enjoy your dinner.

You can choose beef, chicken, duck, seafood and vegetable skewers. To make your own soup, add to the bubbling broth the noodles and ingredients you have selected. It won’t take long to cook and once you have your soup ready, you can add seasonings and sauces to taste.

Addresss: Carrer Pelai 37, Valencia

5. Shullun Hot Pot

Shullun Hot Pot specializes in Sichuan Hot Pot. We liked this restaurant very much because in addition to the delicious food and good service, it was also a great experience. It is a place for a minimum of 2-3 people, as the price of the hot-pot is fixed, no matter the number of diners. First, request the soup flavour, then choose the ingredients you wish to be cooked inside.

Address: Carrer Pelai 16, Valencia

6. Tiramisu

The neighborhood bakery, despite the name, is not so much Italian as Japanese. Here you can enjoy spongy Japanese cheese cake, mochi, roll cake, puff pastries, cold teas, milkshakes, waffles, soy cookies and flavored breads. It’s a real treat!

A good place to try Bubble Tea, a sweet, flavored tea beverage. Most examples have a base of tea mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) or milk. The bubbles after which the tea is named, come from the appearance of the colourful balls of tapioca and jelly which are mixed within.

Address: Carrer Pelai 13, Valencia

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