Valencian Souvenir Ideas

When we talk about a Valencian souvenir, we are not talking about a fridge magnet or a postcard. Giving a souvenir is a sweet way of showing that we have thought of someone. That is why we help you to choose original and unique souvenirs, which representative of the Valencian Community, to give to your family and friends.

Valencia Football Club

Valencia is a football city, so when souvenir shopping, we recommend you visit the Valencia FC shop located in Plaza del Ayuntamiento 28. Here you will find T-shirts, scarves, bags, boots, balls and merchandising of all kinds.

Valencian Souvenirs at Local Museums

If you are going to visit any museum in Valencia, take the opportunity to buy souvenirs in their gift-shops. You can find books, handkerchiefs, games and handheld fans among others, decorated with motifs of key works by the artists exhibited in each museum.

Fallas-themed Valencian Souvenir

The Fallas is the most Valencian event par excellence: 4 days of partying, firecrackers, towering elaborately decorated statues and fireworks. Everything related to Fallas makes for a great Valencian souvenir.


During Fallas, many Valencians don traditional dress and march in long processions through the city. Known as falleras and falleros during this time, participants wear traditional footwear called espardenyes.

The espardenya is the footwear and one of the traditional elements of the Fallas costume.

According to tradition, an authentic Fallas espadrille is made of canvas upper and woven esparto grass sole. These natural materials enable falleras and falleros to enjoy being on their feet for long periods of time as comfortably as possible.

The specialist espadrille retailer, Encarnis Tomedo, features over 100 different varieties, all of which are their own creations.

Espolin Bracelets and Handbags

Espolin is a silk fabric that has been used in Fallas costumes for over 500 years. Valencia is the only city in Spain which still produces hand-woven espolin. Typically displaying floral prints, every espolin design is unique, comprised of hundreds of hand-knotted threads. In the face of modern industrial clothing manufacture and with so few craftspeople pursuing the espolin tradition, this cultural treasure is in danger of disappearing.

FALLERA, is based in Valencia and offers authentic Spanish products and limited-edition hand-made products.

FALLERA products are available at El Corte Ingles, Calle Colon, 27 (Floor 4)


The time-honoured tradition of pottery manufacture is one of Valencia’s most reecognizable and celebrated wares. Give your home a uniquely Valencian touch with this unique Valencian souvenir. We recommend visiting the Plaza Redonda de Valencia, as well as the following shops:

Lladró Museum Shop

Located on Calle del Poeta Querol, This exquisitely presented collection of porcelain figures place makes for an illuminating visit. An exceptional showcase of the porcelain tradition of Valencia where they explain the artistic process.

Artesanias Yuste

Plaza Miracle del Mocadoret, 5, located just off Plaza de la Reina.

Enrique Yuste, was a labourer who dedicated himself to demolishing old buildings and houses. As he went, he collected old decorative tiles and taught himself how to restore them to their original glory. In 1974 he decided to open this charming and unique ceramic tile and bowl shop. Here you can find Socarrats, hand-painted ceramics from the lower middle ages in Valencia (13th to 16th century), which decorated Valencian houses.

The family tradition continues today with Enrique Yuste Jr. Everything in the shop has been traditionally handmade using Valencian materials and designs. This makes Artesania Yuste the perfect place to buy a Valencian souvenir.

Stencils, Postcards and Valencia Board Game

Here we could recommend hundreds of shops, but we will focus on two which we believe are the ones that stand out the most when it comes to getting a Valencian souvenir.


Created by Valencian designers, this unique store features quintessentially Valencian products ranging from T-shirts and tote bags printed with pyrotechnic designs, to construction sets of the Micalet Tower, ‘Valencian’ notebooks and mugs, all with original designs.

Also in stock is local board game, Joc de Valencia, similar to Monopoly in that game-play traverses the city, visiting Valencia’s most iconic places and authentic shops.

Atypical have two shops in the historic centre:

1. Calle Caballeros 10.

2. Central Market of Valencia, Stalls 321-325.

La Postalera

This place is not your typical souvenir shop. Here, you can buy one of their many beautifully-designed postcards, write your message, stamp it and post it – all without leaving the shop. La Postalera offers original gifts and souvenirs from Valencian artists. Through their illustrations, they tell incomparable stories of the city with refreshing originality.

Handheld Fans

Vibenca Fans

Located in Plaza Lope de Vega, 5 in Valencia, Vibenca Fans is a third-generation family business which has produced hand-painted fans since 1910. The great attraction of this store is that the workshop is open to the street so that customers can observe how the fans are painted.

Carbonell Fans

Located at Calle Castellón 21 in the centre of Valencia, Carbonell Fans produce 100% handmade fans some of which have been exhibited in French and Spanish museums. Here you can find fans of different materials, colors and designs that range in price from €2 to €12,000!

Culinary Valencian Souvenir

The most recognizable Valencian dish is, of course, Paella. What better Valencian souvenir could there be than to gather together your family and friends and cook for them a Valencia Paella as you recount your adventures in this amazing Mediterranean city.

How’s this for a great idea:

Begin with an Appetizer of delicious olives, Iberian ham and typical crusty bread topped with grated tomato, olive oil and salt. Accompanied by jugs of ice-cold Agua de Valencia (a Valencian cocktail of cava, fresh orange juice, vodka and gin).

While your guests are enjoying the photos and stories of your trip to Valencia, you get started with the paella!

You can buy the rice, saffron and paella dish at the central market in Valencia or you can also buy it at El Corte Inglés, where they have a Paella Kit.

During the meal, you can offer a white wine with denomination of origin, here you can see more Valencian products.

As a digestive, the liqueur ‘Cazalla Valenciana’ or ‘cassalla’, is sipped after lunch over conversation with family and friends.

For dessert, Turron. This nougat is a typical sweet that is made from sugar, honey and roasted almonds.

Valencian Souvenir
Making Paella at home

Where can you buy the products for the Culinary Valencian Souvenir?

Central Market of Valencia
Over 100 years old, the Central Market of Valencia is one of the most attractive and visited buildings in the city.

A shop with a magnificent selection of articles of the highest quality made with Valencian produce. Located within the Central Market.

Original CV
A shop offering gourmet food products of 100% Valencian origin.
The shop is located in the Plaza del Mercat 35, just opposite the Central Market.

El Corte Ingles

Located in Calle Colon, here you can find a wide variety of products from the Valencian Community.

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