Fallas in Valencia 2020

We are fast approaching the festive period of Fallas in Valencia 2020. If you visit Valencia in February or March, you can’t miss the Fallas fun, so here’s all the information you need to enjoy the Fallas in Valencia 2020.

Fallas in Valencia – February

During the month of February you can visit the Ninot Exhibition and Fallas Artists Guild Museum. You may also like to dress up as a fallera or perhaps enjoy some stunningly delicious churros con chocolate.

Ninot Exhibition

The Ninot Exhibition in Valencia, dates from 1934 when it became part of the program of celebrations of the Fallas week. It begins on the first Saturday in February, where the Fallas commissions exhibit their Ninots.

The exhibition is taking place at the Prince Felipe Science Museum, in the City of Arts & Science of Valencia and can be visited until March 15. At the exhibition you can appreciate the work and effort of the Fallas artists and see up-close and in one single space more than 800 of these works of art.

All of the ninots are trying to avoid the cremà – the ceremonial fire which befalls all ninots, celebrated at the end of the Fallas festival. Nevertheless, only one figure, known as the ninot indultat, will be saved from the fire.

All visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to vote for their favourite ninot. At the end of the exhibition period, the ninot with the most votes will be moved to the Fallas Museum for posterity. The rest of the ninots will be collected for the plantá, on March 14th the children and on March 15th the adults.

At the end of your visit, before leaving the building, you can may vote by displaying your entry ticket. Use the ticket’s barcode to access the computer terminals and vote.

Be sure to take a photo of your favourite ninots so you can use the reference number and vote.

The Na Jordana Falla is the most celebrated of the Valencia fallas communities, with a total of 12 ninots in the museum.

Opening Hours

Mon-Thur, 10am-8pm Fri-Sun, 10am-9pm Entry: Adults €3, Kids (4-12yrs) €1.50.

Note that entrance tickets also permit free entry to the Fallas Museum.

Mascleta Vertical en La Marina – Fallas in Valencia

On February 29 at 8pm, the first mascleta of Fallas in Valencia 2020 will be conducted by Ricardo Caballer in front of the Veles e Vents building at Valencia Marina.

In 2019 the “vertical mascletà” was a 12 minute pyrotechnic display comprising 1700kg of pyrotechnic material, attended by more than 100,000 people.

Fallas in Valencia: Fallas-Themed Museums

Museo Fallero of Valencia

The Fallas Museum in Valencia will be closed for renovations until Friday 28 February, 2020.

This museum preserves one of the highest expressions of Valencian popular culture, exhibiting all the celebrated ninots since 1934.

During your visit to the Fallas Museum you can see all the celebrated ninots saved from the cremá, as well as the best photographs of past Fallas in Valencia, the falleras mayores and vintage posters.

The museum is located in the Monteolivete district, near the City of Arts and Sciences, inside the old Convent of the Mission House of San Vicente de Paul.

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm Sundays and holidays, 10am-2pm Entry: €2

Fallas Artists’ Guild Museum

The Museo del Gremio Artesano de Artistas Falleros, the Fallas Artists’ Guild Museum, is an indispensable visit if you want a deep-dive into the festival of Fallas in Valencia.

Here you will see ninots that have been saved from the flames as chosen by the artisan’s guild, a professional association that keeps alive the artistic traditions related to Fallas.

Inside you can find original pencil sketches, watercolour drawings, models of Fallas, historical photographs of Fallas, as well as a showcase of the historical evolution of the Ninot.

There is a fascinating Falla which has been partially dissected, enabling visitors to glimpse the inner structures which support the huge artwork. There are also artistic works not related to Fallas, such as the scale model of the Turia Gardens Gulliver Park.

The Fallas Artists’ Guild Museum is located in Fallas City, a civic complex where most of the artists work. From the month of February until the festival begins, it is possible to see the artists and their teams of craftspeople at work in the streets, putting the finishing touches to their ninots.

Opening Hours Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm and 4pm-7pm Saturdays, 10am-1pm Sundays and holidays, closed Entry: Adults €4, Kids €2.50

Fallera for a Day

Become a fallera for the day. Do you want to experience what it’s like to be dressed as a fallera? “Fallera For A Day” provides you with the clothing and photographic services from €99.

It’s an elaborate process during which your hair will be combed, your face made-up and you’ll be dressed in traditional Valencian attire, just like a real fallera. Then you will be able to take pictures that will be a truly unique souvenir.

During your stay in Valencia why not participate in a unique experience to preserve and promote a centuries-old tradition? It is a new concept driven by the desire to make it possible for anyone, of any nationality, to participate in this ancient and beautiful Valencian tradition, at any time of year.

Churros y Buñuelos con Chocolate

While in Valencia you absolutely must try a hot chocolate with buñuelos (pumpkin-flavoured, deep fried doughnuts) or churros (deep-fried sugary loops). These are the quintessential Fallas snacks which will recharge your batteries. During Fallas in Valencia, dozens of stalls are set up throughout the city. You can’t miss them!

All the information and programming of the Fallas in Valencia 2020.

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