Fallas Festival in Valencia with Kids

The Fallas festival in Valencia is a celebration to be enjoyed by the whole family. For this reason, children participate in the events, they have their own children’s falla monuments and from a very young age, they experience the potent atmosphere of flame, firecrackers and light.

The Fallas festival in Valencia officially starts on March 1, with the cridá at the Serranos Towers and the first mascletá at Town Hall Square. The busiest days are from March 15-19, 2020.

What To Do With Children During The Fallas Festival In Valencia?

There’s a lot to do, but we’ll recommend what you can’t miss. To begin with, it is essential to feel part of the Fallas festival in Valencia, so you should buy a scarf known locally as a bluzon fallero. The blue-and-white chequered scarf is a quintessential fallas accessory, protecting you from mascletá smoke and blustery winds.

The best fallas are located in the historic centre, so our recommendations are as follows:

In The Morning

Start the day by visiting the Central Market of Valencia or the Museum of the Guild of Fallas Artists, where you can learn everything about the history of the Fallas festival in Valencia.

Follow this by partaking in some delicious churros or pumpkin fritters with a cup of hot chocolate. During the Fallas festival in Valencia you will find stalls throughout the city (ask the seller to make them on the spot and eat them hot, otherwise they may be a little chewy).

You can start your tour by visiting some of the most famous Fallas monuments. One such falla is Na Jordana which has the most ninots indultats – ninots that have been saved from burning during the Cremá.

Continue past the Serranos Towers, Valencia Cathedral and finish at Town Hall Square where you can enjoy the incredible mascletá.

Keep in mind that the Town Hall Square will be packed full of people and the firecrackers make a great deal of noise. If you’re with young children, you may like to find a less crowded corner, so you can have more room to move and listen to the mascletà. Check out our guide to the museums, Ninot Exhibition, First Mascletá at Valencia Marina, and what to do during the Fallas festival in Valencia 2020.

In The Afternoon and Evening

In the afternoon, you can begin by enjoying the ofrenda de las flores, flower offering, and visit the impressive Falla of Calle Convento Jerusalen.

Continue to the bohemian Ruzafa district which after 8pm will be illuminated by millions of lights. Ruzafa is a foodie’s paradise – there are plenty of dinner options.

Around midnight the sky over Valencia will be ablaze with spectacular fireworks. The night of March 18 is called La Nit del Foc, Fire Night, and marks the penultimate night of the Fallas festival in Valencia. Launched from the old Turia riverbed, the fireworks are 20 minutes spectacular of sound and light.

On March 19 you can’t miss the Cabalgata del Foc, Valencia’s Fire Parade, and the Cremá, the city-wide burning of the ninots.

During the Cabalgata del Foc, demons and other fantastic creatures parade through the streets of Ruzafa and along Calle Colon to Porta de la Mar. During the procession there are fire performances accompanied by music, elaborately decorated floats, people in extraordinary costumes, gunpowder and fire. The parade encapsulates the spirit of the Fallas festival – a fascinating spectacle as darkness descends upon Valencia.

The cremá, also known as the Eve of San Jose, is a magical night when bonfires are lit under all the ninots of Valencia. The city is swathed in smoke and flame as the huge figures burn, symbolizing the destruction of the concepts they mock.

To observe a cremá without big crowds, it’s better go to a small falla in one of the smaller streets of the city, as there will be fewer people but just as much fun.

Here’s the full program and all the information you need for Fallas in Valencia 2020.

Tips for the Fallas festival in Valencia:

Remember that the Fallas festival in Valencia attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year so, there will be big crowds in the city during the festivities.

The ninots are spread throughout the whole city and most of the city streets will be closed to vehicular traffic, therefore, expect to cover a lot of ground on foot.

We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses – and apply sunscreen if is a sunny day. Bring a water bottle and snacks.

Leave early in the morning when there are fewer people on the streets; the best time being 8-11am.

A backpack is better than a handbag, so carry just what you need and take the requisite precautions as you would in any crowded area.

During the Fallas festival in Valencia, the city survives on very little sleep. Fireworks shows are staged late at night, so take advantage of the siesta time to rest and make the most of the late nights.

All the best for a wonderful Fallas!

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