10 Tips to Enjoy the Fallas Festival 2020

The Fallas Festival 2020 is fast approaching. Make the most of it by following these simple tips.

10 Tips to keep in mind during the Fallas Festival 2020

  1. There is a lot of noise so it’s a good idea to bring earplugs, as the noise can be annoying when you are trying to rest. It is not advisable to use earplugs during pyrotechnical acts (fireworks, mascletás), in which case it is recommended to open your mouth to alleviate pressure on the eardrum.
  2. It is important that you always carry your camera/phone with you, with loads of memory and extra battery, so that you can immortalize the Ninots. The city is full of lights and color that you will want to photograph.
  3. Take a siesta (nap). During the Fallas Festival 2020 we recommend an early morning walk to visit the Fallas monuments, 8-11am is the best time, as Valencia is quieter.
  4. If you come to Valencia by car, park outside the city centre and move around with public transport or on foot. The vast majority of streets will be closed in the centre of Valencia so as to set up the innumerable Fallas monuments and 400-odd casales, party tents. During the Fallas Festival 2020, EMT is launching a public transport pass, BonoFallas, which for €7, permits unlimited use of the bus and metro systems during the festival.
  5. What you will do most in the Fallas Festival 2020 is lots of walking. Therefore, it is essential to use comfortable shoes, a light jacket, because usually Valencia enjoys good weather in March, water bottle, snacks, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses if it’s a sunny day.
  6. In order to enjoy the Fallas events, arrive well in advance of the scheduled start time. Due to the number of visitors to the city, both the Metro and the buses can fill-up quickly and bus routes may be modified during the Fallas Festival 2020.
  7. To enjoy the mascletá, be at Valencia’s town hall square no later than 13:00, so you can get a good place to enjoy it up close. It is also advisable to note the direction of the wind, so as to avoid having lots of smoke blow in your face.
  8. Visit the Virgin’s mantle in Plaza de la Virgen on the evening of March 18 or the following two days if you are still in Valencia, as this is when the mantle will be finished.
  9. Be very patient. Do note that doing pretty much anything will take a bit longer than expected due to the road closures and crowds.
  10. Last but not least, explore Valencia. It’s a beautiful city which offers a lot to see and do. In addition to the Fallas Festival 2020, you’ll be amazed when visiting the Central Market, the historical city center, the City of Arts and Sciences, and culinary delights!

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